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​Commercial Laundry, Linen, and Towel Cleaning Services for Businesses and Industries near Newark

At Lotus Laundry we specialize in commercial laundry. If you own a business in or around Newark that generates dirty laundry then let us lighten your load. We will come to your business and pick up your laundry and return it to you fresh and clean the next day. We will come to you as often as you need us. And it doesn't matter what type of business you own, our service will cater to whatever you need. We will work with spas, gyms, salons, hotels, motels, vacation rentals and medical facilities.

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Commercial Laundry and Linen Service for Hotels, Airbnb,VRBO, and Long Term Rentals

Do you run or own a hotel, motel, Airbnb, VRBO or other type of vacation rental? Then you have a million and one things to do everyday. Laundry doesn't have to be one of them. Let us take care of it for you. Our hotel laundry will wash your pool towels, blankets, sheets, comforters, rugs, bathroom towels and more. We have machines in all sizes to handle Airbnb linen service or large hotel chain laundry.

Commercial Laundry Service for Medical Facilities

Our linen cleaning service is ideal for medical facilities of any kind. Right now, places like hospitals, physical therapy offices, senior living homes, clinics and dentist offices are held to a higher standard of cleanliness. Let us do your laundry and we will make sure to maintain that standard. We will wash linens, capes, towels and whatever else you require.

Commercial Laundry Service for Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars often have spills involving drinks and food. Let our linen cleaning launderers take a crack at your food and alcohol stains. We will do your table clothes, towels, linen napkins, uniforms and even your mop heads.

Commercial Laundry Service for Salons

Our towel cleaning service is a must for salons and spas. Towels for beauty salons and nail salons and day spas often get challenging stains. The towels collect everything from nail polish and dye stains to other chemicals that are difficult to get out. Let us get your towels looking like new again.

Commercial Laundry Service for Recreation Centers

Recreation centers, gyms, after school programs, often have sweaty, smelly towels. Let Lotus Laundry take care of those for you. We will take care of your towels, uniforms and more, and we will return them to you smelling fresh!