​Lotus Laundry Reviews & Testimonials

A LIFE SAVER! Amazing customer service and great quality of care for my clothes and linens! They are a necessity for a busy professional who doesn't have hours to spend doing laundry. Not to mention the attention to detail when it comes to folding and sorting and my clothes always smell amazing ! PICK UP/DROP OFF SERVICE IS A MUST!!

Used services several time when my washer was broken. Clothes came back fresh and clean. They work with any accommodations you give them, just be very specific about what you want.

I love this place they are so friendly and have much respect for there customers.

Having my laundry picked up and dropped off was an amazing experience. Everything was fresh and organized and I would certainly use Lotus again.

The staff and service are professional, responsive and helpful! Our laundry is soft and smells amazing.

EXCELLENT SERVICE! I dropped my clothes off for wash & fold. Lotus Laundry took the time to put the items that I requested not to be placed in the dryers on hangers.